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What type of Fly Fishing School should I book?

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Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School provides a wide variety of schools to ensure the guests can achieve what they hoped to out of their experience.


1. Walk Wade Fly Fishing Schools

Walk Wade Fly Fishing SchoolWalking around the river bottom and fishing by foot provides a more hands on learning experience. The guest will work a little bit harder but also have the incredible experience of wading in flowing water. While walking in the river is it is easy to turn over rocks and see different aquatic insects, and you have the ability to give yourself plenty of space to work on casting techniques. Mobility is key with the walk wade, if you have younger or older guests in the group think about if moving around on uneven terrain would be enjoyable for them.  Walk Wade Schools will have access to our beautiful private School House on the Snake.

2. Floating Fly Fishing Schools

Fly-Fishing-Jackson-Wyoming-LearnonriverAll of our floating schools can take up to 6 guests either on a raft with a fishing frame or a comfortable oversized drift boat. The floating schools are geared more towards beginners or guests wanting to improve upon their skills and knowledge. Typically, the guide will pull off for instructing sessions on casting and entomology, and give guests the chance to fish from both the bank and boat. While floating two people can fish off the boat providing unique learning opportunities for the other guests spectating, we have found this is a great family environment.

3. Private Drift Boat Fly Fishing Schools

Drift Boat Fly Fishing SchoolA private drift boat can fit one to three guests and one guide. The guide will row you down the river, giving the guests seemingly endless new water to cast at. Typically, our experienced guests enjoy this option because it lets you get the most casts in and focuses on fishing. All experience levels will enjoy this trip of a lifetime. A half day float covers 7 miles of water and typically lasts 4-5 hours. Full day trips cover 13 miles and take 6-8 hours.  Full day enables guests to access water in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem allowing us to access the best fishing conditions available.

3. Private vs. Public Schools

Private schools with us ensure a closed group, public schools are open to the public and anyone can join in. If you are visiting the area with family or friends and would appreciate a private experience this is a great fit. Or if you want to ensure a full day of one-on-one guide instruction to help you get the most of your experience, this for you!  If you looking for a more affordable experience public schools can provide a fantastic group setting.

Ready to Book?  Book now online or give us a call so we can help find the right type of fly fishing school.

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Why Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School?

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Fly fishing is a lifelong pursuit of an almost unattainable perfection. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fly, the perfect fish or the perfect moment, we continually push our knowledge of the sport in order to achieve this dream that comes from underneath that log jam or around the river’s bend. It is these dreams that push a fly fisherman’s heart and soul into the reality that someday something magical could happen to you.

Welcome to the JHFFS experience, where fly fishing dreams begin with straightforward enjoyable instruction!

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