Walk Wade School

Walk Wade School

Walk Wade School

JHFFS is proud to offer Jackson Hole’s finest walk & wade fly fishing experience. Our exclusive riverside camp allows individuals, families and groups to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of wade fishing. Guests will be treated to private water access on the world famous Snake River surrounded by wildlife and Teton views. Our “Schoolhouse on the Snake” is a full service fly fishing school that outfits each guest from head-to-toe with the latest fly fishing equipment.

This educational experience provides personalized guidance from some of Jackson Hole’s finest fly fishing instructors. Students will appreciate our approachability, friendliness, and knowledge as they gain the skills necessary to enjoy fly fishing with family and friends.

Physical fitness is helpful when signing up for the Walk Wade School. If you feel like someone in your group might enjoy more relaxation, then you should join us for our Floating Fly Fishing School instead.


  • Public Walk Wade School

    Adults: $195
    Youth 13 and under: $159

    This affordable experience allows individuals and families to join other guests while fly fishing with our award winning team of instructors. Pricing includes a picnic lunch. Maximum of 8 guests. Contact us for custom pricing for parties of more than 8.

  • Private Walk Wade Trips

    Adult Pricing:
    $425 for one guest
    $525 for two guests
    $700 for three guests
    $800 for four guests
    $195 per Adult for groups of 5 or more

    Youth Pricing:
    $395 for 1 Youth
    $512 for 2 Youth
    $610 for 3 Youth
    $680 for 4 Youth
    $159 per Youth for groups of 5 or more

    Please call for groups over 12 guests. Youth must be 13 and under.
    First class, personalized attention will accompany you and your family on this private experience. Custom, private group experiences are available upon request.


What’s Included:

  • The latest in fly fishing equipment including the latest Orvis fly rods, Hatch fly reels, waders and wading boots.
  • Professional guide/guides
  • Transportation from Orvis Store
  • Private access to the Snake River
  • Streamside snacks and drinks and water (meals available)
  • Flies for the day of fishing
  • 20% discount to Orvis

What’s Not Included:

  • Wyoming Fishing license for the day ($14. Pick up at Orvis Store prior to trip)
  • Raincoat and extra layers
  • Long sleeve breathable fast drying pants and shirt
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Gratuity for guide/guides

Walk Wade School Dates: Daily in the 2019 season.

Itinerary & Schedule

Public Walk Wade School: Daily from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Meet at the Orvis Store
Private Walk Wade School: Custom trips available.



Pick Up at the Orvis Store and Transportation to Private Location


Equipment Handout and Instructions:


What to Cast:

  • Lessons on native cutthroat trout and what they eat
  • Entomology lessons and lifecycles
  • Insect identification, aquatic invertebrate sampling
  • Matching the hatch and fly selection

20 Minutes

How to Cast:

  • Fun fundamentals of fly casting: The most important aspect of fly fishing is the cast and presentation of your fly to the fish. This portion of the class will familiarize students with the equipment used, the correct terminology, technique and mechanics of the fly cast. No flies will be used during this portion of the class.
  • Students practice and develop the basic casting stroke
  • Students develop line hand control
  • Students practice false casting and shooting line
  • Students learn technique to hooking, playing and safely landing fish

1 Hour

Where Fish Live:

  • Walk to river as a group. Safe wading techniques and stream etiquette discussed.
  • Trout need three things to survive: cover, food and cold clean water
  • Understanding where trout live, seasonal movements and lifecycles
  • Reading water and understanding fish behavior
  • Different water environments: riffles, runs, tailouts, pools, seems, buckets, foam lines, etc.
  • Water temperature and oxygen levels
  • Observing clues: fish rising, food sources available, substrate structure
  • 10 Minutes

    Putting it all together & student fishing

  • Students partner up in teams of 2 and walk wade fish to likely looking water with professional guidance
  • 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

    Closing Statements

  • Fly fishing is about so much more then catching fish and it is truly used as a tool for watershed conservation and habitat protection
  • Cleanup
  • Drive back to Orvis