A Journey _Begins_

A Journey Begins

Introduction to Fly Fishing

This most popular class provides beginners with a one and a half hour, hands-on introduction to the sport of fly-fishing. A variety of subjects are covered in a fun and entertaining fashion, and students will walk away with an abundance of knowledge and the skill-set necessary to head out on their own and catch fish.  Classes meet at The Rustic Inn on Tuesdays and Snow King Hotel on Thursdays. Note: No fly fishing license is required as fishing will not be permitted in this class. 4475 North Cache Jackson

  • Introduction to Fly Fishing: Tuesdays

    5:00 – 6:30 PM
    Meet at The Rustic Inn
    $69 per adult, $49 for 13 and under
    Maximum 10 guests per class
    Temporarily Closed due to Covid-19

  • Introduction to Fly Fishing: Thursdays

    5:00 – 6:30 PM
    Meet at the Grandview Lodge at Snow King Resort
    $69 per adult, $49 for 13 and under
    Maximum 10 guests per class

Class outline

A life time of knowledge…

  • Local Game Fish

    Learn about the life-cycle and habitat of local game fish

  • Trout Food and Aquatic Entomology

    Life-cycle, hatch chart, and the influence of water temperature

  • Flies Used

    Matching the hatch: Insider secrets to fly selections and imitations

  • Equipment

    Tools of the trade: All about rods, lines, leaders and accessories

  • Knot Tying

    Quick and easy knots to get you on the water

  • Reading Water

    River conditions, where fish live and how and when to catch them

  • Local Points of Interest

    Jackson Hole is home to some world-renowned fly-fishing rivers and streams. Whether you want to float fish down the famous Snake River or walk-wade to a local “honey hole” there are countless rivers and fish to explore. JHFFS can set you up for successful day!

  • Competition and Prizes

    Fun and games for everyone!

  • Fun Fundamentals of Fly Casting

    The most important aspect of fly-fishing is the cast and presentation of your fly to the fish. This Portion of the class will familiarize beginners with the equipment used, the correct terminology, technique and mechanics of the fly cast. Several fly-fishing casts will be explored through loop control, line control, accuracy, distance and the technique to hooking, playing and landing fish! Students will practice casting with professional instruction until they feel confident to hit the water themselves. (All equipment provided)

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Clients Said

Linda Wright

If you are passing through Jackson Hole, then learning to fly-fish with JHFFS is a must! There truly is no better place on earth to pick up a fly rod for the first time. JHFFS instructors were so personal and knowledgeable that both my husband and daughter are hooked for life. Thank you JHFFS for this life changing skill!

Linda Wright Nashville, TN

Being a spin angler I have always been intimidated to pick up a fly rod. Fly shops always create a perception of stuffiness and it always just seemed too difficult to try. JHFFS made the transitions from spin angler to fly angler both fun and simple. Even my ten year old son enjoyed the class!

Kyle Anderson Houston, TX
Kyle Anderson