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Travis Owen

Never in my life did I think we would catch so many fish! Spencer truly is the most personable and knowledgeable guide around. If you are fortunate enough to book Spencer Morton privately, then this school will teach you more in one day than I could have learned in a lifetime on my own.”

Ed Rathburn

I had never made a fly cast before the JHFFS Introduction to Fly Casting class.  Amazingly within one hour, Spencer gave me the confidence to go fly-fishing on my own. Even more amazing is the fact that I caught two cutthroat trout the very first time I tried fly-fishing. Thank you JHFFS for the awesome casting class.

Monica Lehner

It was so entertaining watching our instructor cast a fly rod. I had no idea how relaxing and rhythmical a fly cast could feel.  After only a half an hour of casting a fly rod I was able to accurately present my fly to the intended target!

Kyle Anderson

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Being a spin angler I have always been intimidated to pick up a fly rod. Fly shops always create a perception of stuffiness and it always just seemed too difficult to try. JHFFS made the transitions from spin angler to fly angler both fun and simple. Even my ten year old son enjoyed the class!

Linda Wright

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If you are passing through Jackson Hole, then learning to fly-fish with JHFFS is a must! There truly is no better place on earth to pick up a fly rod for the first time. JHFFS instructors were so personal and knowledgeable that both my husband and daughter are hooked for life. Thank you JHFFS for this life changing skill!