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Jackson Hole Fishing Report (04/04/18)

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Water Flows:

Snake River Canyon – 1,980 CFS

Pacific Creek – 72 CFS

Buffalo Fork – 165 CFS

Green River – Ice

South Fork – 10,100 CFS


Upcoming Weather:

Wednesday – 45°, Overcast, 40% chance of rain and snow, 17mph SSW wind

Thursday – 45°, Mostly Cloudy, 60% chance of rain, 9mph S wind

Friday – 45°, Overcast, 70% chance of rain and snow, 6mph SSE wind

Saturday – 44°, Overcast, 90% chance of rain, 10mph SW wind

Sunday – 38°, Overcast, 80% chance of rain and snow, 12mph SW wind

Monday – 44°, Partly Cloudy, 20% chance of rain and snow, 7mph SSE wind

Tuesday – 50°, Mostly Cloudy, 20% chance of rain, 10mph SSW wind


On the Water:

Hatches – Midge, Baetis, Skwala


Fly Selection:

Wet – Zebra Midge, Higa’s S.O.S, Flash Back Baetis,  Pat’s Rubber Leg,

Dry – RS2 Midge, Birchell’s Hatching Midge, Griffith’s Gnat, Blue Wing Olive


Guide Report:

If you can brave the cold you might be surprised by what you find.  Our rivers offer some great fishing this time of year.  Those willing to throw on some extra layers to hit the water have been finding plenty of success with simple nymph rigs such as zebra midges paired with a small pat’s rubber leg.  Find yourself lucky enough to come across some rising fish in the afternoon and small midge patterns that you can barely see will be your best friend.  BUT… It’s always worth trying to stand out from the thousands of identical midges the fish are picking from.  Perhaps trying a couple sizes larger is all your willing to risk but you may find sending a BWO is a great way to get the attention of greedier fish.